“Nearly World Famous”
The Abita Stumps

Your Backstage Pass to The Stumps!!!

Check out the Stumps playing the Abita Springs Opry and the Green Room.
The Abita Stumps were also one of the featured bands in Dave McNamara’s
Heart of Louisiana highlighting the Abita Springs Opry.

The Stumps have played all over Southeast Louisiana from VFW Halls to Generation’s Hall.

Yeah, being a Stump implies that the man tried to cut you down, or maybe mother nature blew your top off,  but being a stump is proof that you are still there, sticking it to ‘em despite the fact that somebody, somewhere, was trying to hold you back! These boys are stumpin’ to please. It’s time to embrace Swamp Honk!

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The Abita Stumps are under the exclusive management of “Eat More Possum” Productions (to book The Abita Stumps call at 985-373-7923)